Boneless- $9.95 per pound

Whole Boneless

A boneless ham is just that- boneless. Our most popular ham, the boneless has become our new traditional country ham. We removed the hock and bone for you. Check out our recipes page for our favorite ways to prepare a boneless ham. Available in whole and half. Sizes vary throughout the year, but an average whole boneless ham weighs between 6 and 8 pounds.

Slices- $11.95 per pound

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Slices are great for frying and grilling. They come in a variety of options- a few slices (a variety pack), a half ham, and a whole ham.

Cooked- $14.95 per pound

Cooked Ham

Perfect for sandwiches and platters! Already cooked and sliced, ready to eat. We also sell whole or half cooked hams if you would like to slice it yourself. The options are endless- we sell the cooked ham by the pound. Order a few slices or a few pounds!

Trimmings and Bones- $5.99 per pound & $3.99 per pack


We don’t waste any part of our ham! These are leftover from the deboning process. Our customers love using the trimmings in beans and bones are great for making ham broth and pot pie. Come in to the store to purchase our ham bones- they don’t always ship well.

Whole (Bone-In) – $5.29 per pound


Our whole hams have been cured but not processed in any other way. They still have the hock and bone. A bone-in ham is not for the faint of heart. We recommend only purchasing this ham if you have your own saw or very sharp knife. Many are temped by the cheaper price but these hams require a skilled, seasoned ham preparer! Ask us for tips if you plan to get a bone-in ham. The average weight of a bone-in ham is 16-18 pounds.

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